She spoke about her country
And I watched
As her eyes beamed with happiness and light
I could even
See it behind her cat-eye sun glasses.
And all I could wonder was
I wish I spoke about mine
the same way.
I wish I had that
Passion in my voice
that makes everything sound
A hundred times better
I wish you were worthy
Of my love and care
I wish you were my guardian,
You are my homeland but you don’t
Seem like my home
Because I don’t feel safe and sound
I wish I had that
Passion in my voice
that makes everything sound a hundred times better
I wish I spoke of you the same way
I wish I told people about you
I wish I got excited
As soon as the plane emerged into your
Not wanting to go back
To where I was
I wish I felt pride and confidence
As I lay foot on your soil
After a long period of time
I wish you were mine
To love
I wish people treated you better
And you treated them better
I can’t believe the fact that
I am trying to love you
And you are slowly pushing me away
Rejecting me
Closing all doors in my face
I wish I traveled
And appreciated you after
But all I see happening
Is the absolute opposite
I wish I was her, because I know
That you cannot certainly be
What i want you
To be.

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