My parents always tell me to use time properly
till now I could not get the meaning in the dictionary
I seriously wished that time didn’t exist
So that I could always play games which I really can’t resist

If time was not there my Dad could drop me at school
The moon will not be worried to go around the world
plants will not be pressurized to bear Fruits on time
But yes we’ll be missing a tasty drink of lime.

Students do not need to submit their project
Nor will they have the chance to make their holidays perfect
Delivery boys will not need to deliver on time
but his relatives won’t know when they can chat online.

Taxi drivers don’t need to worry about reaching the right time
But will say,”where is the salary of mine.”
Flights can depart even an hour late
The passengers will not know to reach there how much it takes.

Without time you could go either left or right
But time will only tell you if you are having a party tonight
We actually can’t enjoy life without time
As it only forces us to do well and shine.



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