Now that I’ve hooked you in, let me ask you this: Do u lyk wat u c?

You’ve probably loaded up your gun as you ask yourself once more, “Does this girl lack the netiquette? Is she trolling? Has she lost her mind? What on heavens is she doing as a writer on Maverick Youth?”

A Grammar Nazi is coughing up on his asthma inhaler and wishing he did nazi this, an English professor or teacher is cringing in a dark alley corner clawing at his hair, while a notorious 12 year old ‘lyks wat he sees & finds it gr8’.

SMS language or textese, the latter having been christened by its propagators, came as alphanumeric keyboard’s infamous sister and robbed the English language of its dignity as we entered the Internet era. What do you mean English’s dignity? Do you mean its status quo? But, has English not evolved from thou, thee, thy? These seem like valid questions at first, to which many would halt at a diplomatic consensus: Maybe, textese is not that bad; moreover, I can add bilingualism to my resume now! Win-win. But if you reflect again, you wouldn’t be too sure if it’s a win-win anymore…

Many of you, the SMS endorsers, might scream their lungs out and proclaim, “ What’s wrong with a little deviation from the stringent rules of English for economical purposes? Potato- Pah-tato, if the intention of the message is clear, then where’s the problem? We’re humans and we’re fallible creatures, anyhow, who knows what perfect grammar even is?”



Here’s a little reality check: Your comfort is important, but English is not a lazy language, it’s beautiful, intricate, and articulate and when you type ‘2morro’ or even ‘1drful’ for that matter, you’re removing the cream cheese of the cheese cake and leaving it barren. Now I completely sympathize with you when you rationalize your argument with a saying as platitudinous as “it’s a BZ BZ wrld” but what I cannot seem to compute is how by being unable to type 2 more and correct letters in the word ‘busy’, are you wasting your precious seconds? It’s agonizing on the reader’s part to decipher these words, these words which are more invested lazing around in the cabaña of frugality.


“Why is she ranting? She needs to grab a mojito and chill before all of her blood burns out”


Might not even seem like a rant when I tell you how the ‘SMS’ lethargy has pervaded the current generations who can’t differentiate between a to or a too, all thanks to you, they think it’s 2. When writing formal letters to principals, they’re infusing words such as ‘thx’ and ‘plz’ and ‘omg’ and so many more that I’m mortified to even type. Where are we going with this wave? Does this look like progress? Scattered letters= scattered meaning. Can we imagine the poets of our generation writing ballads with ‘luv’ and ‘4eva’ and elegies with ‘sed’ and ‘crie’? Is language not gravitating towards absurdity because of the SMS language? Is this the evolution Charles Darwin would have acceded to and Geoffery Chaucer would have lived with?

While you try to skirt language’s dignity, while you try to eliminate vowels, while you try to save your holy time, you don’t realize it, but you’re influencing and pushing years and years of generations towards doom, yes, don’t raise your eye brows and act surprised. You’re trying to unhinge the foundations of a language, you’re sabotaging much more than façade; You’re destroying the vessel of language, interaction and existence. Are you sure you want to be the one to?

Is your language still f9 m8? gudbye.

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