I have a lot of stories going on in my head all the time. Many of those stories may look great in a poem and help me display my skills really well, but one can never be sure about it. How do I know that writing that poem would be a satisfying experience? It is quite possible that I will regret writing that poem. I curse the old me for writing those stupid florid poems which made no sense at all. How can I can be confident that I won’t make the same mistake again? I am afraid to take risks. I don’t want to disappoint myself. But, I do feel that I have to note those thoughts down for future reference. I don’t want my head cluttered with poem titles. Writing a journal seemed to be an apt solution.
I have been trying to maintain a journal since the past two years. I finally succeeded in writing something in it for four consecutive days. This gives me an immense sense of achievement. Now I can count myself among those artists, writers, musicians, singers and creative people who maintained a journal. I may not be as good as them, but this could be a start.
Why is a journal or diary important? 
You encounter so many things every day. You think about them very often and your mind is filled with their thoughts. What if I told you that those thoughts encumber your mind? Sometimes you have to just get off with those random feelings and opinions. You can’t do that unless you focus on something else. Writing helps in this matter. Trust me, writing clears our mind and calms us down.
Imagine reading a book that you wrote on your life. Wouldn’t you love reading it? The naked truth about yourself, which only you know. That is what a journal is. It records your everyday thoughts with absolute precision. No sugar-coated lies and no pretense, just the truth. You can analyze yourself without letting others know about you. Did you really feel for that beggar, or you were just faking sympathy to impress a girl? Did you actually find the homeless cat cute, or were you just acting silly to gain his attention?
Think about it. You may have better ways to get off your thoughts. Consider this if you like, and while you’re at it here’s a poem in which I pen down my feelings when I leave my thoughts unwritten:

Every other night before I fall asleep,
I regret every poem I left incomplete,
Every moment I couldn’t capture,
All my victories and defeats.
I wish I could remember every memory,
And in times lost, write a rhyme about it.
Those blissful ecstasies and abysmal tragedies
Woven into a tapestry as I saw fit.
For every person lost and owned,
The times I was heartbroken or smitten.
I curse my past and the talent I honed
For leaving them unwritten.


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