Issues related to Aids, HIV, and unwanted pregnancy have been predominant features of African nations. This article sheds light on a South African mayor’s decision to grant scholarships to 16 female university students. According to the mayor- the awarded university bursaries are conditional on them remaining virgins and those receiving the scholarship would have to provide government with proof from regular virginity tests. The mayor has one goal, which is to alleviate STD rates in South Africa as conditions are exacerbating every year as one of every ten people lives with the disease. In addition, according to the given info. an estimated 6.3 million African citizens in South Africa are HIV-positive..
Dudu Mazibuko (mayor)’s scheme to purge the spread of STD and intentions to store security in the country are great, but giving scholarships to girls for virginity crosses the border line of governmental faculty over citizens. Many spokespeople have been rather displeased with the condition as it serves to deprive rights and dignities of young girls. This mayor may believe the opportunities given to attain bursaries for virginity may, to a certain extent, bring down STD rates and unwanted pregnancies; however, many critics asserted that such notion “will never stop the spread of HIV and Aids”. Rather than granting scholarships conditional on girls remaining virgins, I personally believe merit-based scholarships will be much rational in terms of promoting academic and social values. As proven by the STD rates in South Africa, society and majority of South African adolescents lack the knowledge related to basic conventions of sex education. In a broader sense, it’s crucial to subsidize and extend education to children even in rural villages and tribes, rather than providing non-merit based scholarships that do not serve whatsoever as a panacea that would, perhaps, bring down STD rates.

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