I look around me and all I see are bombings everywhere. Their sounds have become too familiar to our ears, when we hear one on Facebook we automatically scroll down, not wanting to be hit by this harsh reality. Not wanting this to ruin our beautiful, most importantly peaceful day. We turn our gaze away from anything that disturbs us, from anything that brings to our hearts any type of agony, pain, distress or guilt. But until when, until when will we remain silent to the broken smiles, until when will we turn a deaf ear to the sounds of these bombings, to these gunshots. Until when will we keep scrolling down our feed, not wanting to be disturbed.

What happened to France’s, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity…. “

What happened to the United States’ “democracy…..”

What happened to the United Nations’ “Declaration of Human Rights….”

What happened to “Security Council..”

Because until this very day the only state these children live in is terror. The only thing they’ve been stripped away from is their sense of security.

What happened to the  “Peacekeepers” because the only real thing that’s been kept here is war, is terror.

My mind is unable to fathom that there are children out there whose eyes saw nothing but war, nothing. The question I ask myself until this very day is how can humanity reach this level of dehumanization and numbness.  Until this very day, as a seventeen year old, my mind is unable to comprehend how can humanity accept this. Do we as humans only get affected when it hits us, when it hits our families and if it doesn’t then we do not care anymore. We don’t give a helping hand. As I search once more on my computer, in a state of doubt, about the definition of a ‘human’ the dictionary states clearly that it means, “relating to or a characteristic of a humankind.” Isn’t being empathetic a characteristic of being human. According to our own “human made” dictionary, humanity is, the quality of being humane; benevolence they call it. Being human means being compassionate, kind, considerate, merciful, understanding, tolerant and so many more characteristics that none clearly acquire.

No matter the number of words my mind and body are able to write down,  none will truly explain the agony that is deep-rooted in me.

Syrian civil war start date:  March 15th, 2011

Palestine/Israeli conflict start date : 1948

Total casualties in Syrian: 500,000+

Total casualties in Palestine: 5,100,000



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