Sitting in the corner of my room, listening to a record on my record player I realize how much the world has really changed. How much we’ve evolved our ideas and our class systems and how we go throughout our day. Transportation. Education. Politics. Government. It’s all changing and we aren’t catching up with the consequences. What happens when we drill oil? What happens when we mow our lawn? Eat meat? Take down forests? What is the consequence of all these actions? We have seemed to look over how our actions impact the world around us. Driving cars pollutes the Earth. Carbon Dioxide is released from almost everything we do. Yes, it’s a natural occurring property, but not in the quantity that we are doing so.

Everything you do, has a rolling consequence. Throwing out a plastic bottle goes through a trash bin, into a trash truck, which in turn releases CO2, then traveling to a landfill where birds and other small creatures go and either try to make a nest out of it or eat it. Dying, suffocating because we couldn’t bring a reusable bag. Laziness is the key to all of these issues. Nothing was ever done from sitting on a couch. From looking at a computer. From sleeping. You may come up with great ideas. But great ideas need two other things. Support from other people and action. You can plan something, but you have to actually to carry it out for something to be done. You can talk all you want, but taking action is what makes a difference.

Kids in Eugene, Washington have made a difference. They wanted the government to take action on climate change. It wasn’t that hard for them to get what they wanted, they just had to come up with an idea – to sue the government. They gathered a group of youth and adults and important community leaders to help advocate for them, then they got a judge to overrule the Department of Ecology’s original decision. Now they have made a difference. They have set a precedent for other people who are interested in securing their future so that they don’t have to worry about where they will get their food when they are older. Youth are finally able to take a stand for their future and make a difference. It is at this point where we need to take a stand for what we believe and reach out to the government and community leaders. Whether it be for climate change, animal rights, social justice, education improvement, LGBQT rights,. Every person has an opinion and a right to share it with the world.

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