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The word “education” comes from Latin “e-ducere” which means “to bring out”.

Therefore, the first and main purpose of education should be to help everyone become the best version of themselves.

But is it really like that?

Who decided that students need to be placed in classes based on their age? Don’t we learn a lot from people who are older or younger than us?

Why do we put desks in rows facing the blackboard? Don’t we learn better when we can communicate and discuss our ideas?

Why do we need rigidity if we learn the most when we are free to play and explore?

Why is team-work not encouraged in a world that can work only if there is?

Why do many schools focus more on history than on what is happening today?

Why does school separate every subject when life is a mixture of different things? When life is a perfect bonding of science, literature, arts, maths, humanities and all the other things we are taught in school…

Why do we go to school and stay in huge buildings with artificial lights when we have an amazing world to discover? Imagine studying Biology sitting on the grass and staring at the trees, imagine studying geography while walking in your own town, village or city… Imagine studying history in a museum, studying literature in a big library!

Why do most of us ignore that we had a technologic revolution and many things that we are studying can be easily accessible on a smartphone everywhere?

Why don’t we try to teach those skills which will be useful for our future? How to solve real-life problems, how to fix a crisis, how to be happy…

Why do we have to sit still, when each one of us has different methods of learning?

Why can’t we use social media, technologies, and games to improve the ways of learning and interacting?

Why do we need a teacher when we can learn from ourselves? How can you tell if a teacher is good or not?

Do we need to know the truth? Is truth true? Is truth teachable? Is there a way to know if something is true or not?

How can you tell if a book is biased? Do we need textbooks? Or how do we learn?

Is it necessary to go to school? Why are our afternoons filled with homework and studying?

Why don’t we learn how to pay taxes, how to be sustainable for the world, how to find what we’re really good at?

Why don’t we interact more with the communities around the school building? Why don’t we have differentiated learning paths for every student so that they can learn in the most effective and fun way?

Why are we striving for convergent thinking instead of divergent thinking?

Why can’t we properly teach kids with dyslexia, ADHD, autism, and other learning disabilities?

Why don’t we learn to express ourselves?

Why can’t we always ask questions? Why can’t we lead a lesson? Why do we need national curricula when each one of us has different learning patterns?

Why don’t we learn from history? Why don’t they teach us to make history?

Why don’t many of us respect other cultures while claiming to be “educated people”?

Why is school so different from education?

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