Within the past several years, we’ve seen fashion being perceived in a negative light quite often. We’ve seen the debate of looks versus personality, and the correlation of shallowness with caring about how you look, so I wanted to share my own opinion about it.

It is definitely true that many people assume facts about others, and make preliminary judgements about others, purely based on their clothing and outer appearance. That is not proper judgement; because these judgements base a person’s worth on their ability and/or interest in dressing a certain way that society deems “stylish” or so.

However, that sometimes implies that the people who are dressing a “certain” way are to be deemed shallow. However, neither does dressing or not dressing in the way that society approves make a person who they are. That just tells you what their fashion preferences are, which may matter to some people, but they shouldn’t be a reason for exclusion, inclusion or any other major judgment.

This, again, is not to say that people who care about how they look have shallower interests. Then again, it is actually quite an admirable trait to care about your clothes in my opinion, but that is my opinion, and it’s okay to have one. Some may actually say that fashion does say a lot about a person. Fashion & Style are often known as self-expression, and many people don’t Dress to Impress, but they Dress to Express. Fashion is often seen as an Art, so we should also not downgrade what people wear to just a meaningless daily choice, in some cases. So, it’s a delicate and difficult balance; when you’re told not to judge people based on their clothes, when it’s time and again the only the initial introduction between individuals. As perfectly illustrated by the wise character Isadora Smackle on Girl Meets World “I’m here to argue that beauty actually is skin deep, so I’ve done some research and I’ve learned… that it is. When you get compliments from people who don’t ordinarily compliment you, when people look at you differently, packaging does matter. This is a world where “pretty” seems better somehow. Which is too bad, but it’s not debatable. Even though it is easy to be fooled by the beauty of a trojan horse, it’s real power comes from the army within– intelligence, compassion, integrity, courage; even though beauty may be skin deep, beauty is nowhere near as important as the army inside.”

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