Over the past decade, feminism has been the center of controversy and mockery, and rightfully so. Feminism today is just a mere shadow of what it used to be. From women who used to fight for their right to vote, to women who fight to ban the word ‘bossy’. The issues brought up by feminists today are so petty that one cannot help but make fun of them.

Let’s start with the hashtag that made headlines. #killallmen was started by feminists because, as it suggests, they do not want any men left alive. A video emerged on twitter where a woman walked up behind a man, and shot him in the head. The authenticity of  this video was highly questioned and in the end was proved to be fake. But the fact that some feminists will go THAT far to just prove a pointless matter is despicable.

The other argument feminists always love to make is that women make on average $0.77 for every $1 a man makes. Without even trying to do any research, hundreds of blind feminists agreed. Although it is true that women on an average get paid lower than men, there is a very valid reason for that. Women tend to go into more lower paying jobs compared to men. For example, in the medical field, a woman will most likely choose to become a pediatrician or a GP while men are more likely to go into harder specialty fields, which obviously pay more. Women also tend to take more days off work compared to men. And believe it or not, most women would rather stay at home to raise a family than go to work.

As mentioned earlier, a very famous movement created by feminists was to ban the word ‘bossy’. They believed that women don’t get into higher positions in a company because they are afraid of being called bossy. A wide number of mainstream celebrities like Beyonce, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Garner all supported the movement. Now here’s why I find the movement to be completely absurd. Are women that mentally weak that they cannot handle being called a word as meager as ‘bossy’? I mean if you’re going to become CEO you’re going to need to handle being called all sorts of words. I personally think women are mentally stronger, but I know some feminists who would disagree.

And lastly, there are actual problems that women face across the world. A law was almost passed in Iraq where it would make rape of women legal. But feminists were too busy trying to ban words and walk topless on beaches to notice. No doubt, there are actual feminist movements out there that are doing good and helping both genders attain equal rights, but their efforts are going unnoticed because of the stupidity of a few feminists.

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