As I walk into my hotel room I find a pamphlet explaining the rules and regulations of the hotel. As I read over and over again in total shock and disturbance I find that I’m not allowed to swim in the pool nor enter the Jacuzzi. But the question is why? Why am I not allowed to swim? It seems because I wear a burkini. A long swimsuit that Hijabies wear in order to cover their bodies. As I read further I find that “For health and safety reasons, proper swimwear must be worn in the swimming pools. No long swimsuits are allowed.”In my own mother country, an Islamic country I’m not permitted to wear swim suit that covers my body and for what, for “health and safety reasons.” What safety and health reasons are you talking about? Is my modest swimming suit bothering you? Is my hijab bothering you? Why! Is it because it’s ‘unfashionable’ nowadays in society to wear conservative attire or for a woman to cover her body?

Why is it that a burkini is not “a proper” swimwear while, a bikini is?

Why is it that hijabies around the world are banned to enter certain restaurants or certain places? Or that Hijabies are asked to take off their headscarf before they go to work? We live in a society where is totally acceptable to walk half naked in a beach and nevertheless, it’s unacceptable to have a headscarf and wear a burkini.

Where are our fundamental “human rights?”

We live in a society where responding to a girl who reveals her body is “It’s none of our business” but a girl with a headscarf is labeled as “oppressed,” “suppressed,” and a “terrorist.”

We must begin to learn how to genuinely treat people equally, and not discriminate a certain group of people because they are different or they wear “long swimming suits” We need to learn how to not generalize and label and how to accept. We need to learn how to not impose fines on people if they enter a certain place because they wear a burkini and not a bikini.

I call upon all of you to start taking action, to stand by those who are banned from entering certain places because of an outside attribute.

I call upon you to start making change, to start raising awareness on this vital issue. I call upon you to talk about this and take action. I call upon you to raise your voices high and speak out for equality because my headscarf should bother no one.

I finally call upon you to allow Hijabies anywhere and everywhere.

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